Easton Heritage Day

This past Sunday, my boyfriend Chris and I got to check out Easton Heritage Day. We strolled, we listened to bands, we ate festival food, we took pictures. It was definitely a lovely summer afternoon outing against the glistening backdrop of the mighty Lehigh and Delaware Rivers. I took this photo of Chris doing his thing (he's really good at it and you can check out some of his noteworthy photography by clicking HERE):

One of the bands particularly on fire at this community event was the James Supra Blues Band. As every Lehigh Valleyian knows, my good friend and colleague, harmonica extraordinaire  James Supra, and his band deliver some of the best blues this side of the Mason-Dixon. The new band members stepped up with veteran JSBB drummer Allen Wanamaker and brought some Southern heat to Easton, PA (making us thoroughly grateful for the abundance of hand squeezed lemonade)! Well done Mr. Supra and well done Easton for continuing to bring us events like this one and making Lehigh Valley cities part of Pennsylvania's top 10 most exciting places! (It's no lie either - someone blogged about it on the internet, so it must be true! Read the article HERE.)

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